• Paper victory. Three stories

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    Paper Victory

    Annotated Russian Reader for Intermediate Level (B1-B2)

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    Thrillers and Romance

    Tokareva, Rubina, Grebe, Tsipkin, and others.

  • Guess How Much I Love You?

    Guess How Much I Love You?

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  • Politics and Current Events

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    Politics & Current Events

    Recent titles on trends in Russian politics.

  • The less you know - the better you sleep

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    The less you know - the better you sleep

    by David Satter

  • Annotated Reader

    About That Which Did Not Happen

    Annotated Russian Reader

    New edition! Level B1-B2

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    New arrivals!


    Long-awaited new novels by famous Russian writers!

  • Bronka. Parallel Text Reader

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    Parallel Text Reader

    Includes full glossary and exercises.


  • The textbook for the intermediate level learners continues intensive course of Russian. Materials of this textbook include 12 lessons (Family, House, City, Shopping, Education, Traditions, etc.) and designed for approximately 120 hours of study. Audio sup

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  • Эта пропись выполнена в лучших традициях советских и дореволюционных пособий по чистописанию с учетом новейших педагогических находок в этой области. Рекомендуется для детей от 6 до 10 лет. Предлагаемая вам пропись выглядит достаточно традиционно, но включённые в нее инновации позволяют избавить ребенка от часов изнурительного прописывания букв и их...

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  • About That Which Did Not Happen, an annotated Russian reader, is intended for low-intermediate and intermediate level students of Russian (B1-B2, TRKI I-II). The story is a dynamic narrative by the well-known author Victoria Tokareva about one doctor's li

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    Once you accept that the impossible is really possible, what happens in Russia makes perfect sense. In December 2013, David Satter became the first American journalist to be expelled from Russia since the Cold War. The Moscow Times said it was not surprising he was expelled, "it was surprising it took so long." Satter is known in Russia for having written...

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  • The second part (volume 2) of a popular course of Russian is intended for continuing to study Russian at a basic level (A2). The goal is maintenance and further mastering of different aspects of language and kinds of speech activity. The textbook includes

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  • Folded map. Includes a detailed booklet - index of place names for the map. One side shows the entire Russian Federation and surrounding territories. The other side has a more detailed larger scale map of European Russia.

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  • Textbook & CD. Survival Russian for Beginners a course in conversational Russian is intended for a very wide audience of Russian language students. It can be used by those studying Russian at the beginning, intermediate, or advanced levels, and also by bu

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  • Classic ABC book that teaches alphabet and elementary reading. Age level: 4-8 years.

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  • Authors of this book have chosen the most difficult grammatical themes that exist in the Russian language. The collection of tasks in the form of a working writing-book consists of six most complex sections of Russian grammar. Tasks, the theoretical comme

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  • Данное пособие представляет собой тренировочное лексико-грамматическое и коммуникативное сопровождение базового курса русского языка как иностранного, предназначенное для активизации языкового материала учебника ЖИЛИ-БЫЛИ... 12 УРОКОВ РУССКОГО ЯЗЫКА. БАЗОВЫЙ УРОВЕНЬ. Рабочая тетрадь является неотъемлемой частью методического комплекса, включающего в себя...

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