Razgovory s Keidzhem [Conversations with Cage] E-Book
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Razgovory s Keidzhem [Conversations with Cage] E-Book

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The book ‘Conversations with Cage’ is composed of hundreds of interviews with the greatest music innovator of the 20th century, the philosopher, poet, musicologist and artist John Cage (1912–1992), which he gave to various publications and journalists for almost half a century. Kostelyanets selected characteristic passages from these conversations and composed a detailed proto-interview, which ideally could be given by Cage. The fragments are designed as if it were one long conversation in which we are talking about the life and way of thinking of the composer, about his views on various aspects of culture and art. Cage himself checked the manuscript for errors and supplemented it with his comments.

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Kostelanetz, Richard
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